Subaru Forester e-Boxer (Performances)

Impressive performances ...

Impressive dynamics, excellent maneuverability, economical fuel system - these are just some of the benefits that the SUBARU FORESTER e-Boxer offers its owners. This impressive performance is supported by technologies and innovations that make the difference ...


Moteur Subaru e-BoxerSubaru e-Boxer,
the new Subaru power unit

The new generation SUBARU e-BOXER combines the SUBARU BOXER engine with an electric motor for a sporty drive and a quiet and comfortable cab without unwanted noise or vibrations, even on rough roads.

SUBARU Boxer engine + electric technology

For efficient driving, the SUBARU e-BOXER system adjusts the power split ratio between the 2.0-litre direct-injection engine and the electric motor according to driving conditions. Combined with the Lineartronic CVT, the result is quiet, smooth and powerful performance for a comfortable and enjoyable drive.

In addition, the longitudinal position of the engine and battery along the vehicle's axis completes the vehicle's stability and balance thanks to the low centre of gravity SUBARU BOXER engine and the inherently stable Symmetrical AWD system design.


Transmission Symmetrical AWDSymmetrical AWD Transmission

Mastery is a guarantee of confidence, stability is a guarantee of agility: two maxims that apply perfectly to the Outback. Subaru vehicles are especially engineered to inspire confidence, thanks to the stability of the Symmetrical AWD transmission combined with the perfect balance of the SUBARU BOXER engine. This architecture makes it possible to efficiently and permanently transmit the power to the four wheels for an increased control on any type of road and in difficult conditions.
It ensures excellent balance and directional accuracy unparalleled through the longitudinal alignment of its main components while the low center of gravity promotes a particularly rewarding and responsive ride. The unique advantages of the Symmetrical AWD transmission guarantee outstanding handling and help you cope with potential hazards.


Engineered to get the most out of the SUBARU BOXER engine and the Symmetrical AWD system, the Lineartronic variable-speed transmission allows the engine to operate in the optimum range, delivering an exemplary fuel economy of 6.1 l / 100 km (Lineartronic diesel).

Selection controls ensure responsive, responsive driving on 2.0D and 2.5i engines, while on the 2.0D engine, the Lineartronic transmission is also capable of handling the large torque reserve with reduced mechanical noise for a driving experience. quieter and gentler driving.

The selection controls have a variable control that adapts to the speed of the vehicle and the engine speed, allowing the driver to "feel" the points of passage to the acceleration and thus benefit from a perfect osmosis with his vehicle.


Paddle shifters*

The paddle shifters are mounted on the steering wheel for easy control, and allow you to select the reduction ratio of the Lineartronic transmission best suited to the situation. On the petrol models, the paddle shifters make it possible to choose between six reports against seven on the diesel models, thus guaranteeing an immediate reactivity. In the end, you get a sharper, more sporty driving experience.

* Available on Lineartronic models.

X ModeX-Mode*

The X-MODE offers you a mastery of the most reliable at the touch of a button. X-MODE technology takes control of the engine, gearbox, Symmetrical AWD transmission, brakes and other major components to help keep the vehicle moving safely on challenging roads and uneven terrain.

When X-MODE is activated, the descent control system automatically helps the Outback maintain a constant speed when negotiating a slope.

* Available on Lineartronic models.


Depending on your driving style, the SUBARU Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) system adjusts throttle response and passing points for instant power and agility in all conditions.

* Available on gasoline models.