Save the date !!! - Annual meeting 2023

News of the 10 May 2023

Rassemblement annuel subaru hoyas 2023

The annual meeting will take place on Saturday 24 June from 2pm in our dealership. We hope to see many of you there to spend, once again, a wonderful convivial afternoon. There will be food and entertainment! Who will be there?

The rasso is obviously open to ALL Subaru, but also to enthusiasts: all models, all engines are welcome. Come join us and make this a day a great memory.


useful information

Date: Saturday, June 24th from 14 hours. 
WARNING, be understanding and do not come before because the garage is open on Saturday morning

Address (for those who do not know it yet): Rue de Baudour 34 - 7011 Ghlin (Mons), Belgium. 
WARNING: do not park your cars in front of the entrances / exits of the neighbors' garages

Telephone: +32 65 / 31.28.40