Subaru XV e-Boxer (accessoires)

Personalize your trips

Even though the SUBARU XV already has a rich standard set, you can customize it further with the SUBARU range of accessories. Whether you want to enhance the look, functionality or aesthetics of your SUBARU XV, Genuine Subaru accessories are designed with the same manufacturing and mounting quality as your vehicle itself. For details, see the accessory brochure or contact your nearest Subaru distributor.


Calandre avant noir orange

Front grille (Black / Orange)

Protection inferieure avant resine

Front Resin Underguard

Protection inferieure laterale resine

Side Resin Underguard

Protection inferieure arriere resine

Rear Resin Underguard

Jante alliage 17 pouces

17-inch Alloy Wheels (black)

Tapis sol premium

Carpet Mat Premium